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Earn free Bitcoins

This page contains a list of websites where you may earn some bitcoins for free. You must only have your wallets address. The following sites are legit and sending bitcoins to our wallets. So add this site to favorites, you will using it very often.

Free BTC every hour

Freebitco: Click roll and win from 0.00000261 to 0.261 BTC. One per hour! Highly recomended!
Daily Bitcoins: Rewards every hour with option to delay your payments
BTC Faucet: Earn 10 to 200 satoshis every hour
MMO Club: Up to 500 satoshi every hour
Gratis Bitcoin: Win free bitcoins every hour

Free BTC every 30 minutes

CanHasBitcoin: Get free bitcoins every 30 min!
FaucetBTC: Get free Bitcoins!
ElBitcoinGratis: Free bitcoins every 30 min!
BTC4you: Get free BTC every 30 min!
freeBTC4all: Get free BTC every 30min!
VirtualFaucet: Get some bitcoins every 30 minutes!
TheFreeBitcoins: 2.5 µBTC every 30 min!
FreeBitcoins: 1 µBTC / 30 minutes!
TheBitcoin: Largest amount of the internet, every 30 minutes!
RawBitcoins: Get free bitcoins every 30 minutes!
SrBitcoin: 2.5 µBTC every 30 min!
nioctiB: Free BTC every 30 minutes!
GreenCoins: Bitcoins every 30 minutes!
BTCmine: Get Bitcoins every 30 min!
BitCats: Earn BTC every 30 min!
BitcoinSpain: Earn btc every 30 minutes!
Bitcoins4free: Bitcoins 4 Free!
FreeBitcoins4U: Get free bitcoins every 30 minutes!
Fr33Bitcoins: Put y0ur w4ll3t 3v3ry "30" M1N!
Earn-Free-Bitcoins: Earn free bitcoins every 30 min!
GetBitcoinsQuick: 100 satoshi each 30 minutes!
DailyFreeBitcoin: Get 100-500 satoshi!


Bitvisitor: Earn Free Bitcoins for visiting websites!
CoinAd: Earn Bitcoins for viewing ads!
BTCClicks: Join the best bitcoin PTC and start earning bitcoins for clicking ads.
BitcoinClix: Earn Bitcoins for clicking ads, sign-up websites, play games and more!


Free Bitcoin Lottery: Select 6 numbers and win up to 5000 uBTC every hour!
Bunny Run: Pick the winning bunny!
Coin Controller: The Ultimate BTC Chain Game!

For webmasters

CoinURL: Turn any content you create into cash: websites, blogs, tweets, forum posts..

Exchange Bitcoins

Crypsy: Trade and exchange 60 types of cryptocurrencies.

Mining Bitcoins

Triplemining: Mining Pool with 0% fees, PPLNS payout system and unique weekly jackpot feature!

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